7 Antenatal visits with either at home or


Collaboration with midwives, gynaecologists and other health professionals


Antenatal classes


 As your personal midwife I offer antenatal care from the start of your pregnancy.

If you want antenatal care by you gynaecologist, I would like you to book visits with me from the 34. week of pregnancy at the latest.

As it is important to me to get to know you before the birth, talk to you about your wishes and answer you questions.

On request I can provide private antenatal classes




Birthing at the Geburtshaus Zollikerberg

By having a homebirth you will choose a natural and self-determined birth that will empower you and your family.

When you have a normal, low risk pregnancy you can give birth in the familiar and safe environment of a birthing center.

When giving birth at the birthing center you will be individually cared for by me during your pregnancy an the postnatal period. The on-call period around your due date is shared within a small team.  A second midwife will additionally be there for the birth.

During and after the birth I will provide a quiet and peaceful environment so you can have a relaxed start as a family and enough time to admire your baby.



Postnatal care by your midwife for the first 6 weeks after birth


16 postnatal visits when you are a first time mother, after ceasaerean section, after preterm birth and with multiples


all other cases 10 postnatal visits


3 lactation consultations during the entire lacation period


Postnatal check-up 6-10 weeks postnatally

After homebirth or hospital birth I visit you and your baby at home.

I will give advice and support you with breastfeeding, newborn cares, postnatal involution gymnastics and the exciting time of becoming parents.


All listed services will be paid by your general health insurance.

Your health insurance will also pay 150.-  CHF on antenatal classes.


As I will be on call for you for 5 weeks around your due date, I will ask you to pay 115.- Franken for the postnatal period and 800.- Franken for a birth at the birthing center.

In some cases your residential Community will bear some of these costs. It is worth asking.