This is where you find useful information around pregnancy and childbirth und parenting 

A place to search midwives in the Kantons ZH, GL and SH

The birth house in Bäretswil, an alternative to home birth

Forum for a natural and self-determined birth 

The Swiss College of Midwives

Agency for guidance and advice of midwives for families and newborns

Useful information around pregnancz, birth, the postnatal period and babies 

Advice for pregnancy, prenatal diagnostics, birth, un infertility, contraception, unwanted pregnancy and menopause

Instructions for nutrition during pregnancy, lactation and of the baby during its first year

Holistic and critical information about prenatal diagnostics

Information around cesaerean section

Information about working during and after pregnancy

Information about vaccination

Support during distress and crisis

24 hour help and advice